Demsun Construction Chemicals

P88 Max Multi Purpose Pu Foam

DEMSUN MAX is a low expansion and maximum yield formulation aerosol polyurethane foam especially developed for fixing door&window frames. It yields minimum %100 more foam than straw foams, cures faster and forms easy to cut flexible foam.


Maximum Yield: Provides %100 more yield than that of standard straw foams. Low-Expansion: Ensures not to bend or bow door and window frames. Decreases foam waste. Fast Cure: Becomes tack free in 5 minutes and cut able within 45 minutes. Cures Flexible: Easier to cut if the gap is overfilled Reusable: Highest technology valves system provides none sticking and reusability. Improved Adhesion&Stability: Better non-sagging performance on vertical surfaces. Usable in 4 Seasons: Special formulation allows application at low temperatures (-5 °C) Polyurethane based: Perfect adhesion on common building materials. Closed-Cell Structure: Provides effective heat&sound insulation. It does not contain any propellant gases which are harmful to the ozone layer.


Fixing&sealing of door and window frames. Sealing applications where low-expansion is needed. Filling small cavities

Product Details

Code Volume Color Box
DS01106 1000 g   12