Demsun Construction Chemicals

N26 Weatherseal Silicone Sealant

DEMSUN N26 is a premium performance neutral cure silicone sealant specially developed for weather sealing and glazing applications in curtain wall and building facades. It forms a strong weatherproof seal on common building materials.


Conforms to ISO EN 11600-F-20LM. Neutral cure. Suitable for use on most common porous and non-porous building materials Noncorrosive. It will not react with or corrode common building materials Not affected by exposure to sunlight, rain, snow and maintains this resistance over many years. Resistant to temperature extremes 100% Silicone, solventless Almost odourless Fast curing


General weather sealing and glazing in building and curtain wall facades Sealing of window frames Mounting of window frames and doors Sealing applications of marble, stone and other porous substrates Sealing of connection and expansion joints

Product Details

Code Volume Color Box
DS02404 310 ml Gray   24
DS02403 310 ml Black   24
DS02402 310 ml White   24
DS02401 310 ml Transparent   24