Demsun Construction Chemicals

Glossy Red


High-grade nitro-combi quality. Very good coverage. Excellent adhesion on many surfaces. Good flow, smooth surface. Quickdrying. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The surface is polishable. Weather-resistant, light-proof, UV-resistant. Scratch-, shock- and impact-resistant. Quick-drying (The drying time depends on surrounding temperature, air humidity and thickness of the applied coat).

Applications Area

Suitable for wood, metal, paper, glass or paintable hard plastics as well as for many textiles for any variety of designing applications. Also applicable for the designing of finery, concrete and natural stone.

Product Details

Code Volume Color Box
DS07107 200ml Glossy Red / Ral-3020   12
DS07207 400ml Glossy Red / Ral-3020   6