Demsun Construction Chemicals

M12 Fire Saver Intumescent Acrylic Sealant

Demsun M12 is water-borne intumescent acrylic sealant. At the temperatures above 120°C, it reduces the heat transfer by expanding its volume. Also gives extra time with the cooling effect of the released water steam at this temperature.


Single-component sealant based on plasto elastic acrylic capable of swelling. Expands in volume at temperatures exceeding 120°C and reduce heat transfer. Saves time by releasing water vapor to fire. Easy to apply. Waterproof layer after drying forms a layer. Weather resistant and remains flexible for a long time. Safe to use asbestos and halogen free. Ideal for sealing low movement joints, suitable for up to 50 mm gaps. Paintable and fill the surface of the fat-free and does not affect the surface.


Walls and floors’ expansion joints. Panel joints for insulation purposes and similar materials. Wood, steel and PVC joinery for isolation. Decorative joints Steel channels, canal boats, for the sealing of cables and cable ducts. For indoor applications that require fire resistance. In order to fill in areas where fire resistance applications. All joints in buildings that require fire resistance Fire resistance up to 15% of the desired elasticity of joints shows.

Product Details

Code Volume Color Box
DS03241 310 ml White   24