Demsun Construction Chemicals

MS Clear Polymer Sealant & Adhesive

MS Clear; is a crystal clear elastic adhesive based on MS polymer


Clear, transparent color. Highly tixotropic: Suitable for horizontal and vertical application. Does not contain solvent, silicone or isocyanate. High bond strength on nearly all surfaces. Primerless adhesion on many different substrates. No bubble formation,even in wet and humid conditions. Does not need primer (preliminary test recommended). Over-paintable with water based paints. No shrinkage.


It has a good adhesive strength without primer on most common materials such as aluminum, zinc, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, natural stone, concrete, brick, etc. Common application areas are: Transparent and elastic bonding in construction and building applications. Invisible bonding and sealing of glass and other transparent materials in indoor applications

Product Details

Code Volume Color Box
DS03800 290 ml Clear   12
DS03810(sausage) 600 ml Clear   12